After much time, consideration and coordination, I feel proud to present the pieces assembled in my portfolio. While some may think photography strictly involves activating a shutter button at the right moment, preparations and post processing play a monumental role in creating a photographic art piece. Specifically, my portfolio features a wide array of lightning techniques in order to show not only a range of ability, but a vast understanding of how to utilize my own equipment. There were times when I had to move my LED light less than an inch multiple times to achieve a photo I envisioned (See ‘A Balancing Act’). There were times when I had to run around my friend like some kind of wild animal holding a pile of fairy lights to produce a unique long exposure (‘Envy' and 'Luminosity'). And there were times where I hung off edges of railings, propped my camera in the strangest of places, and lay down on the dirty concrete. All of the timely effort I put into this portfolio truly showcases something I am extremely proud of, and was well worth the trouble to create something that represents me.

My intentions for creating this portfolio were strictly personal, and not strictly for excelling in the college application process or for art competitions. However, I do enjoy being able to utilize my portfolio for these purposes, as my portfolio is my own personal statement and is a way to show my work to others as a reflection of my identity as an artist. While the images may not include my physical self in them, every one of these works includes shards of my personal self. Because of this, the portfolio simply acts as a mold to assemble a metaphorical puzzle that is what makes me, me; and why my passion plays such an important role in my life. They are my ideas, my projects, my hard work, and my visions. Of course I was inspired by movies, other photographers, and even my friends, but in no way is my work copied. As an artist, my physical absence in these pieces does not concern me, because my emotions are reflected within each photo or piece.

Upon personal reflection and feedback from others, time and time again I am told how comfortable my models seem to be photos. Maybe this is due to the models being people within my circle of friends, or these people just having a coincidental naturalness when being photographed. Either way I believe models and artists should have a strong relationship when creating a comfortable environment for artistic shoots. To me this is an extremely important thing about a photo, because without this, the emotion seems fake and ill-posed. Similar to a movie, all of the components that compose my artistic process need to work together in order to create something spectacular. If the sound mixing in a feature film is off-putting, or a piece has poor lighting, both scenarios lower the quality of the overall work.

I hope you will enjoy these pieces wholeheartedly, as I have put my whole heart into them. -Mia Guariano
The RevenantStranger ThingsStargirlSomething to Believe inMonochromatic DreamsGrace and PoiseHometownA Balancing ActEnvyLuminosityDaydreams Before ChristmasIs This the Life You've Been Waiting For?1000 Lights in Your EyesModern Mona LisaDiva at SunsetFormationA StyleBeneath the Busy StreetsStargirl IIStronger